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The Grove on Russell About Us


The Grove on Russell derives its name from the MANGROVES that surround the southern Moreton bay islands.  The mangrove is a unique plant that bridges the gap between sea and land growing on the tidal sea edge. The islands in the Moreton bay area also play this role being a unique bridge between water and land. Many residents came to the islands looking for a quieter, more peaceful way of life.  We have a saying, no hustle, no bustle on Russell.  As locals, we encourage you to GET BACK TO NATURE, SLOW DOWN and ENJOY THE SIMPLE THINGS whilst exploring the islands.  With free ferry travel between Macleay Island, Lamb & Karragarra Islands, it is a perfect base for your work or play at the South Morteon Bay Islands. Enjoy your stay.

As a small, family run business we have tried to create a relaxed, modern atmosphere for guests whilst also minimising our impact on the environment.  The Grove on Russell has been renovated using a variety of recycled, up-cycled and local wood milled from the islands. Where possible  We support sustainable tourism through the use of eco friendly cleaning products and by minimising our use of plastic with future goals  to be more energy efficient through solar and thoughtful use of water.




Russell island Accomodation


Russell island is situated at the southern end of Moreton Bay and is the largest of the inhabited Southern Moreton Bay Island group, which includes the islands of Karragarra, Macleay, and Lamb. The bay itself contains around 360 islands in total most of which are not inhabited.  Russell Island is the biggest of the southern Moreton Bay Islands situated between the mainland and North Stradbroke Islands. The Island is eight Kilometres long and nearly three kilometres wide. Fantastic island accommodation to visit the area.



There is a great deal of evidence that Indigenous people were living on Southern Moreton Bay islands including Russell Island.  Farmers came and settled in 1866 by farmers and provided the Brisbane market with produce as the island has rich, fertile, volcanic soil.  Oyster farming was also a major economy around the islands until the early 20th century when over fishing made it unsustainable.   This led to the cultivation of crops with some famers even swimming cattle across to the islands to set up dairy farms



The Grove on Russell is a 2min walk from the water’s edge and swimming enclosure. It is within walking distance of all shopping amenities and local parks and BBQ areas.  There are many activates for people to do whilst on the islands.  Activities include bushwalking through the conservation areas, fishing, crabbing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, stand up paddle boarding, picnics by the water, lawn bowls, tennis courts, swimming at the local pool or in the surrounding ocean and bird watching. There are many organisations providing tours or hiring equipment on Russell island or the surrounding islands, jump on a free ferry and explore the surrounding islands. Head over to Lamb island and do a tour of organic gardening at pretty produce. 



The wildlife is abundant in the Southern Morton bay area, you may be lucky enough to spot a dolphin, whale, sea turtle or dudgeon (cow of the sea).  There are many different species of birds residing on the islands, the most famous being the bush stone-curlew.  The curlew is renowned for its infamous haunting ghost-like contact call it makes at night. When approached, the curlew can stand as still as a statue often going unseen in the bushes. 

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